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Malaysian Citation Index (MyCite)

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Delivering access to bibliographic and citation information from scholarly literature published in Malaysian journals, conference proceedings, chapters in books and theses in the sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences and the Humanities.

MyCite currently contains [23734] articles from Malaysian scholarly journals. Publishers will be considered for MyCite indexation only if they meet all the criteria specified in the MyCite Journal Selection criteria.
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Mathematics Resource Center

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The Math Resource Centre (MRC) is a learning and resource centre for students who need help in Mathematics and/or would like to review math topics. The centre offers math resources and 24-hour tutoring service to OUM students.

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Medical Education Online

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A peer-reviewed international Open Access journal for disseminating information on the education and training of physicians and other health care professionals. MEO publishes Feature Articles discussing issues of interest to the health education community; Research Articles presenting high quality completed research or evaluation studies; Trend Articles presenting new ideas as well as studies or descriptions of programs in the early stages of development; and Letters to the Editor discussing topics related to any aspect of educating physicians and other health professionals.

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MyHEALTH Portal is a web-based health information service set up by the Ministry of Health Malaysia as one of the MSC Telehealth Flagship Application in 2005. A national initiative by the Malaysian Government to bring great advances to the country through the innovative use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which can also accelerate Malaysia┬┤s growth towards becoming a fully developed nation by the year 2020.

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MyJurnal or Malaysian Journal Management System is a Malaysian online journal management system that transforms and elevates the publishing process of Malaysian scholarly journals.

MyJurnal's main objectives are to:

  1. encourage Malaysian journal publishers to publish their journals on the web;
  2. increase access to the contents of their journals to the global community; and
  3. improve the visibility of contents, hence, encouraging usage and generating citations to articles published.

MyJurnal contains bibliographic data and full text contents of articles published in refereed scholarly journals in Malaysia, in various disciplines such as Sciences, Technology, Medicine, Social Sciences and Humanities. These articles include review papers, research notes, technical papers and working papers.

As MyJurnal caters to publishers, researchers and individuals alike, users can look forward to the following:-

  1. Intuitive and user-friendly internet-based system
  2. Efficient and fast peer-review and publication process
  3. Active support for content authors and editors in managing publications
  4. Convenient one-stop centre for Malaysian scholarly journals
  5. Free access to full text information of articles where copyright permits

MyJurnal is provided by the Malaysian Citation Centre, Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

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