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Virtual Training Suite

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The Virtual Training Suite aims to help university students to develop Internet research skills to assist with their university coursework and assignments. Offers over 60 free Internet tutorials, each covering Internet research skills for a different subject. These tutorials are written, reviewed and regularly updated by a national team of UK university lecturers and librarians.

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Vital Source Bridge eBook

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VitalSource Bridge facilitates a simple connection between the ebooks in VitalSource and the specific audiences institutions need to reach in specific ways

  1. Institutions build ebook assets with Cengage titles
  2. VitalSource Bridge provides an administrative platform for institutions to manage desired asset and user groupings
  3. Institutions decide how to present selected collections of assets to desired audiences, such as titles that can be accessed by a specific group of users, number of concurrent users, and duration, etc
Special Note: 
 The key - 5338599772


Title Concurrency Limit: 10

User Entitlement Credit: 5

User Entitlement Duration: 1-day


Steps to access : 

  1. Go to VitalSource Bridge -
  2. Sign in with your existing VitalSource login credentials or click “Get Started” link to create a new VitalSource account
  3. Enter your bridge authentication key (5338599772) which grants you access to the collection
  4. Click the ‘i’ icon to view details of the specific title


  • Click ‘Activate’ to place the content on your Bookshelf
  • Click the “Launch” button to view the eBook
  • Click on Browse - My Story to view the list of titles you have activated
  • You can choose to return the eBook before the access expires by clicking “Return Now” and will be prompted with a confirmation message before completing a return


Trial Expiry Date: 18 September 2020

Database Evaluation Form - Vital Source Bridge e-Book
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