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Title Post date
Enhancing Academic Achievement in Online Open Education 23-Apr-2013
Improving retention: predicting at-risk students by analysing clicking behaviour in a virtual learning environment 23-Apr-2013
Student Assessment in Online Learning: Challenges and Effective Practices 23-Apr-2013
Online collaboration 18-Apr-2013
Learning online : a guide to success in the virtual classroom 18-Apr-2013
Teaching online : a practical guide 18-Apr-2013
Learning with online and mobile technologies : a student survival guide 18-Apr-2013
Open Educational Resources in Malaysian Higher Learning Institutions 14-Apr-2013
Assessments in eLearning 08-Apr-2013
Computer-Based Assessment in E-Learning: A Framework for Constructing “Intermediate Constraint” Questions and Tasks for Technology Platforms 08-Apr-2013
Illuminating the Importance of Learning Interaction to Open Distance Learning (ODL) Success: A Qualitative Perspectives of Adult Learners in Perlis, Malaysia 05-Apr-2013
Psychological myths in e-learning 16-Mar-2013
Effective learning interaction as a prerequisite to successful Open Distance Learning (ODL): a case study of learners in the northern state of Kedah and Perlis, Malaysia 16-Mar-2013
Adoption of Mobile Learning Among Distance Education Students in Universiti Sains Malaysia 16-Mar-2013
Attitudial Belief on Adoption of E-MBA Program in Malaysia 16-Mar-2013
A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER) 18-Feb-2013
Open Educational Resources: An Asian Perspective 18-Feb-2013
The use of web 2.0 in e-learning: evidence from a public university in Malaysia 18-Feb-2013
Teaching via Mobile Phone: a Case Study on Malaysian Teachers’ Technology Acceptance and Readiness 31-Jan-2013
Is the Second Time the Charm? Investigating Trends in Online Re-enrollment, Retention and Success 31-Jan-2013
40 Must-know Web 2.0 Edutools 23-Jan-2013
The Open Educational Resources Movement: Free learning for all students 21-Jan-2013
Towards a higher retention rate among distance learners 18-Jan-2013
Open Research Online 18-Jan-2013
Improving Retention by Identifying and Supporting "At-Risk" Students 14-Jan-2013

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