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The Malaysia Journal of Nursing (MJN) is now can be accessed via the Library portal. This Open Access Journal can be accessed at The Malaysia Journal of Nursing (MJN).

Contact Librarian via WhatsApp at 019-2600 146 for enquiries.


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The Library would like to inform one new open access online database is now available in our collection.


 All articles in open access journals which are published by Elsevier have undergone peer review and upon acceptance are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.

Published articles:

  • Are fully peer reviewed
  • Are immediately free to access and download from ScienceDirect
  • Permitted re-use defined by the author’s choice of Creative Commons user licenses
  • Published with CrossMark® to maintain the publication record

Click here to access the database.

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Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera Tuan / Puan,


Pihak Perpustakaan Digital Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Sanusi sedang mengadakan Kajian Tahap Kepuasan Pelanggan Berkaitan Perkhidmatan yang disediakan.


Kajian ini bertujuan untuk melihat sejauh mana keberkesanan, serta penambahbaikan perkhidmatan yang disediakan. Segala maklumat yang diberikan adalah rahsia dan hanya digunakan untuk kaji selidik ini sahaja. 


Justeru, diharapkan agar pihak Tuan / Puan dapat meluangkan sedikit masa untuk mengisi borang kaji selidik atas talian yang disediakan. 


Pihak kami mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih di atas kerjasama yang telah pihak Tuan / Puan berikan. 


Sila klik link di bawah untuk memulakan survey.


Sila abaikan pemakluman ini jika Tuan / Puan telah mengambil bahagian dalam kaji selidik ini.

*Kaji selidik ini akan dibuka sehingga 05 Mac 2021.

Terima kasih.



Suhaimi Bin Jamaludin

Ketua Pustakawan

Perpustakaan Digital Tan Sri Dr Abdullah Sanusi

Open University Malaysia



Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera Tuan / Puan,


The Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Sanusi Digital Library is currently conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey.


This survey aims to evaluate the effectiveness and to improve the services provided by the Library. The information you provide will be used strictly for the purposes of this survey only.


Therefore, we would appreciate it very much if you were to take some time to fill out the survey form.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Kindly click on the link below to begin the survey:


Kindly ignore this announcement if you have already participated in this survey before.


*This survey will be ongoing until 05th Mac 2021



Suhaimi Bin Jamaludin

Chief Librarian

Tan Sri Dr Abdullah Sanusi Digital Library

Open University Malaysia

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Dear all,

The Library is organising Springer Nature Online Quiz 2020. All Learners & Staff are invited to join the Quiz by following the steps below :

Click the link (
Enter your information and answer 5 questions
Click “Submit” and you are entitled to win a prize if answer all questions correct.

Attractive prizes 

Grand Prize: Sony Walkman

Second Prize: Acer Portable Monitor

Other Prizes: Springer Nature laptop bag, bluetooth earphone and wireless mouse
Quiz duration :  23 Nov 2020 to 29 Jan 2021.
Please refer to the Library’s Facebook page at for more info.

Thank you

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The Library would like to inform one new open access online database is now available in our collection.




The UNESCO Digital Library is the repository of UNESCO’s institutional memory and a source of high-quality information on UNESCO activities (in education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, and communication and information), with more than 350,000 documents dating back to 1945. It includes the collections of the UNESCO Library and several documentation centres in UNESCO’s Field Offices and Institutes, as well as the UNESCO Archives. The essential purpose of the UNESCO Digital Library is to share knowledge and to transmit it to future generations.

Click here to access the journal.

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