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Dear Valued Patron

We are pleased to share with you that EBSCOhost is now accessible via you iOS devices (iPad, iPod and iPhone) and Android Devices. Now you can conveniently search the Library subscribed EBSCO’s research databases anytime and anywhere on your internet connected mobile devices using the EBSCOhost Mobile.

Accessing EBSCOhost from any of these applications will allow you to use EBSCOhost database on your mobile devices for 9 Months. Don’t have to login for 9 months. Isn’t that great!!

Please follow these steps to start using EBSCOhost on your mobile devices:

  1. Go to iTunes or Google Play on your phone. (See below for QR Codes)
  2. Once the EBSCOhost iPhone or Android Application has been installed you will need to authenticate the application with EBSCOhost.
  3. Click the EBSCOhost iPhone and Android Applications link at the bottom of any EBSCO page and enter your email address. An email with an authentication key will be sent to you. (Please refer to the image below)
  4. Access the email from your device and click the link found in the email to authenticate the application. You have 24 hours to access the key from your device to authenticate the app. If the key is not used within 24 hours, it expires and you will need a new key.
  5. The application may be used for 9 months without having to relog again, after which you will need to repeat process no. 3 to continue using the application on your devices.

iTunes QR Code for EBSCOhost Mobile App

Android QR Code for EBSCOhost Mobile App

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Dear Valued Patrons

Please be informed that Full Text for the Economist will be not available from June 30, 2012. The magazine will become A&I after the mentioned date. Please refer to this news from EBSCOhost:

In the case of The Economist, there was recently a bid by the publisher for a semi-exclusive contract.  EBSCO did not think the required investment was justifiable, given that the cost would need to be passed on to our customers, so as of June 30, 2012, our coverage will become A&I-only (abstracting & indexing) for this magazine.  We wanted to give you a full year’s notice.  In the end, our understanding is that two vendors (Gale and ProQuest) will continue to provide limited access (to a text-only version of the publication with no images), and the publisher (via EIU) will continue to offer direct, full access (including images). 

However, the library will try to acquire any request for Full Text for this publication through the Document Delivery Service should you require any articles from the Economist after June 2012.

The Library Management

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