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Dear patrons

To assist your studies the Library provides book postage service to remote students all over Malaysia. This is a unique service offered to OUM Students in Malaysia. The Library strives to meet all of your study needs. Intra-Library loan enables students outside of Klang Valley to get Materials from the Library. We will send any books requested to your nearest Learning Centre. However, this service is not extended to novels or any other recreational reading materials.

You may find out more information on this here.

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Dear Patrons

Initial loan period is 30 days, but, assuming your books are not reserved, they can be renewed one time without returning them to the library. You may use our self-renewal service to extend your loan period.

How Do I renew my Books?
Patrons with books currently on loan may use the library self-renewal service by clicking the Loan Information on the left sidebar or access Patron Activity tab from user account page.

The Loan Information Block
Patron Activity Tab

Clicking any of these links will take you to Patron Activity Page where you may view

  • books currently on loan
  • books on due and
  • loan History

Book which is renewable will have check-box next to it while books that have been requested will be read as Non-renewable Item. (Please view the image below). The Process is straightforward and simple. Just tick any books that are to be renewed and click renew.

Patron Activity Page

Done. It is just Simple as that.

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Dear Patron

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests.

Patron may request support ticket to report any issues that is related to the Library. Patron may also include screenshot or file to desrcribe currently faced issue.

The Library Management

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Dear Patrons

The Interlibrary Loan Service (ILS) supports research needs of OUM’s students, faculty and staff by obtaining materials which are not available at OUM Digital Library. Before you may request for Inter-Library Loan, the said book must not be available at Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Sanusi Digital Library either in Printed Form or Electronic Format. You will have to verify that a book is not available in our collection. If you haven’t already done so, the first step is to confirm that we do not have a copy of the book you need. You can do this using the online catalogue.

What Items may be requested for Interlibrary Loan

  • Items not owned by Open University Malaysia
  • Items not available in Library Databases (Digital Collections)
  • Items missing from Library Collections

Items may not be requested for Interlibrary Loan

  • Items published in the current calendar year.
  • Items owned by Open University Malaysia (unless all copies are lost or missing).
  • Items available in Library Databases (Digital Content)
  • Bound periodicals and magazines
  • Ebooks and downloadable audio.
  • Musical recordings, software, or video recordings in any format.
  • Non circulating materials (Reference and Thesis)
  • Novels or any leisure reading materials

Patrons may request for ILS by using this form. Request via phone and emails are not permitted.


The Library Management

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Dear Valued Patrons

Please be informed that all Nursing Books (Call No starting with R) have been moved to Petaling Jaya Learning Centre and available for circulation starting from 17-Nov-2012. Reference books are not affected and will remain in Main Library.

Items checked out from Petaling Jaya Learning Centre must be returned at the same location when due. Items from Petaling Jaya Learning Centre are not returnable to any other locations, including the Main Library.

This return policy does not include Books Checked-Out via IntraLibrary Loan.

The Library Management

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