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The Library would like to inform that a new database Taylor & Francis E-Books is now available in the Library Database. The database consist of 14 titles of e-books in Psychology & Counseling field. Titles of the e-books are:


  1. Clinical Applications of Learning Theory
  2. The Psychology of Religion and Spirituality for Clinicians
  3. Professional Counseling Excellence through Leadership and Advocacy
  4. Career Counseling
  5. Memory and Aging
  6. Attention, Representation, and Human Performance
  7. Emotions, Imagination, and Moral Reasoning
  8. Past, Present, and Future Contributions of Cognitive Writing Research to Cognitive Psychology
  9. Measurement With Persons
  10. Humanistic Perspectives on Contemporary Counseling Issues
  11. Current Issues in Developmental Disorders
  12. Improving Organizational Interventions For Stress and Well-Being
  13. Group Techniques for Aging Adults
  14. Psychology and Politics


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New Open Access journal, the International Review and Research in Open & Distance Learning (IRRODL), is now available via Library portal. Click The International Review and Research in Open & Distance Learning (IRRODL) or use Search Database link to access the journal.

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Dear Patrons,

We wish to inform you starting 21 September 2013 (Saturday), the Library will be operating from 8.00AM - 5.00PM on Saturday & Sunday . During weekdays (Monday - Friday), the library will be opened from 8.00AM - 5.00PM and closed during Public Holiday.

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Thank You

Library Management

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Dear Patron

Please be informed that download manager or any computer program to accelerate download speeds by downloading from multiple sources at once is not supported. Software such as Download Accelerator Plus (also known as DAP) which uses multipart download to increase speeds, creating multiple connections of different file segments to speed up downloads is not permitted on this site.

The Library Management

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Dear Patrons

Initial loan period is 30 days, but, assuming your books are not reserved, they can be renewed one time without returning them to the library. You may use our self-renewal service to extend your loan period.

How Do I renew my Books?
Patrons with books currently on loan may use the library self-renewal service by clicking the Loan Information on the left sidebar or access Patron Activity tab from user account page.

The Loan Information Block
Patron Activity Tab

Clicking any of these links will take you to Patron Activity Page where you may view

  • books currently on loan
  • books on due and
  • loan History

Book which is renewable will have check-box next to it while books that have been requested will be read as Non-renewable Item. (Please view the image below). The Process is straightforward and simple. Just tick any books that are to be renewed and click renew.

Patron Activity Page

Done. It is just Simple as that.

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