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Title Post date
Language of evaluation: How PLA evaluators write about student learning 16-May-2012
The Developing Role of the Educator in Web 2.0 and OER Environments 11-May-2012
Learning at a Distance: Engaged or Not? 11-May-2012
Collaborative Environments to Foster Creativity, Reuse and Sharing of OER 11-May-2012
Blended learning : how to integrate online & traditional learning 23-Apr-2012
Introduction to online learning : a guide for students 18-Apr-2012
e-Learning in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning: Status, Trends and Challenges 16-Apr-2012
Beyond OER: Shifting Focus to Open Educational Practices 15-Apr-2012
Reuse and repurpose: the life story of an (open) educational resource 12-Apr-2012
Open Educational Resource Repositories: An Analysis 12-Apr-2012
Mobile technologies and handheld devices for ubiquitous learning : research and pedagogy 10-Apr-2012
The proceedings of the International Conference on Lifelong Learning 2011 / co-organised by Open University Malaysia (OUM), Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in collaboration with ASEM LL Hub. 10-Apr-2012
Open Educational Resources: Opportunities and Challenges 10-Apr-2012
Re-invigorating openness at The Open University: the role of Open Educational Resources 24-Feb-2012
Are Open Educational Resources Systematic or Systemic Change Agents for Teaching Practice? 24-Feb-2012
Open Educational Resources and Practices 21-Feb-2012
Open educational resources serve the world 10-Feb-2012
Open educational resources 10-Feb-2012
Open Educational Resources: reviewing initiatives and issues 10-Feb-2012
Open Educational Resources: Enabling universal education 10-Feb-2012
Leveraging Accreditation Of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) For Human Capital Development 09-Feb-2012
Process-based assessment for professional learning in higher education: Perspectives on the student-teacher relationship 08-Feb-2012
Accrediting prior learning at a distance 08-Feb-2012
Assessment, feedback and marking guides in distance education 17-Jan-2012
Student Coaching For Retention In A Distance Learning Environment 06-Jan-2012

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