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Title Post date
E-learning in Malaysia 24-Jul-2012
OER Commons 24-Jul-2012
Quality assurance and accreditation in distance education and e-learning : models, policies and research 19-Jul-2012
E-learning in the 21st century : a framework for research and practice 19-Jul-2012
Collaborative Development of Open Educational Resources for Open and Distance Learning 19-Jul-2012
"Colearning" - collaborative networks for creating, sharing and reusing OER through social media 19-Jul-2012
E-moderating : the key to online teaching and learning 19-Jul-2012
The mobile learning edge : tools and technologies for developing your teams 12-Jul-2012
Social and cultural factors that influence the uptake of E-learning: case studies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Singapore and Australia 11-Jul-2012
A blended learning model in higher education: a comparative study of blended learning in UK and Malaysia 11-Jul-2012
Case study of e-learning experts in Malaysia : impact of social capital and social networks 11-Jul-2012
E-Learning and Lifelong Learning 11-Jul-2012
Beyond e-learning : approaches and technologies to enhance organizational knowledge, learning, and performance 11-Jul-2012
Open Educational Resources and Practices 09-Jul-2012
E-Learning games : interactive learning strategies for digital delivery 09-Jul-2012
Integrating Facebook into Distance Education and Online Learning Environments: To Promote Interactive Online Learning Communities  11-Jun-2012
E-Learning and its effects on teaching and learning in a global age 11-Jun-2012
A Review of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Movement: Achievements, Challenges, and New Opportunities 11-Jun-2012
Factors Associated With Student Persistence in an Online Program of Study: A Review of the Literature 11-Jun-2012
Benchmarking in Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) – Tool for training reform 26-May-2012
E-learning methodologies and its trends in modern information technology 26-May-2012
Some Challenges in Designing and Implementing Learning Material for Ubiquitous E-learning Environment 26-May-2012
The need for Open Educational Resources for ubiquitous learning 18-May-2012
Ubiquitous learning 18-May-2012
Mobile learning via SMS at Open University Malaysia: Equitable, effective, and sustainable 16-May-2012

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