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Title Post date
Reusing online resources : a sustainable approach to e-learning 27-Oct-2012
The use of QR codes in Education: A getting started guide for academics 16-Oct-2012
The Management Aspect of the e-Portfolio as an Assessment Tool: Sample of Anadolu University 16-Oct-2012
Using Computer-Based Testing As Alternative Assessment Method Of Student Learning In Distance Education 16-Oct-2012
Online assessment and measurement : case studies from higher education, K-12, and corporate 13-Oct-2012
Assessing academic performance between traditional and distance education course formats 13-Oct-2012
Open Educational Resources and Change in Higher Education: Reflections from Practice 13-Oct-2012
Cheating in Online Student Assessment: Beyond Plagiarism 09-Oct-2012
The OER mix in higher education: purpose, process, product, and policy 09-Oct-2012
OER perspectives: emerging issues for universities 09-Oct-2012
Exploring OER: Internet Information Literacy, Problem Solving and Analogical Thinking 24-Sep-2012
A Quality Framework for Producing Clinically Competent Nurses Through Distance Education 24-Sep-2012
Assessment is a Many Splendoured Thing: Fostering Online Community and Lifelong Learning 24-Sep-2012
Moments of Truth: Managing the face-to-face Encounter in Distance Learning 24-Sep-2012
YouTube as a Repository: The Creative Practice of Students as Producers of Open Educational Resources 24-Sep-2012
Project managing e-learning : a handbook for successful design, delivery and management 23-Aug-2012
Cases on global e-learning practices : successes and pitfalls 23-Aug-2012
The student assessment handbook : new directions in traditional and online assessmenet 01-Aug-2012
Effective E-Learning Approaches To Teaching And Learning Of Islamic History And Civilization In Malaysia And The Muslim World 30-Jul-2012
E‐learning in Malaysia: Success Factors   in Implementing E‐learning Program 30-Jul-2012
Factors affecting e-Learning effectiveness in a higher learning institution in Malaysia 30-Jul-2012
Designing online learning assessment through alternative approaches: facing the concerns 27-Jul-2012
OER, Resources for learning – Experiences from an OER Project in Sweden 27-Jul-2012
Online peer assessment: helping to facilitate learning through participation 24-Jul-2012
OUM OER (Open Educational Resources) 24-Jul-2012

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