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Title Post date
Decision Making in Nursing Practice: A Concept Analysis 28-Dec-2016
Culture and entrepreneurial orientation: a multi-country study 28-Dec-2016
Critical Educational Program Components for Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Science, Policy, and Practice 28-Dec-2016
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Where Counseling and Neuroscience Meet 28-Dec-2016
Chinese university students' acceptance of MOOCs: A self-determination perspective 28-Dec-2016
Challenges of a Novice Nurse Educators Transition From Practice to Classroom 28-Dec-2016
Behavior-Based Control: Examples from Navigation Learning and Group Behavior 28-Dec-2016
Diversity and inclusion in the early years 28-Dec-2016
Do educational interventions improve nurses’ clinical decision making and judgement? A systematic review 28-Dec-2016
An Obstacle or a Useful Tool? The Role of the English Language in Internationalizing Chinese Universities 27-Dec-2016
An Empirical Study on the Antecedents of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship 27-Dec-2016
A Longitudinal Study of the Social and Academic Competence of Economically Disadvantaged Bilingual Preschool Children 27-Dec-2016
A mediation model between dimensions of social capital 27-Dec-2016
A Case Study of Principal Leadership in an Effective Inclusive School 27-Dec-2016
A Meta-Analysis of Confidence and Judgment Accuracy in Clinical Decision Making 27-Dec-2016
An agenda for clinical decision making and judgement in nursing research and education 27-Dec-2016
An Analysis of Some Problems in Managing Virtual Memory Systems with Fast Secondary Storage Devices 27-Dec-2016
The function of silence: a plea for communication research 23-Dec-2016
Reflexivity, learning and reflexive practice 23-Dec-2016
The relation of anxiety, depression, and stress to binge eating behavior 22-Dec-2016
The evolution of a management philosophy: The theory of constraints 22-Dec-2016
TESTING A MODEL OF OFFICER INTENTIONS TO QUIT: The Mediating Effects of Job Stress and Job Satisfaction 22-Dec-2016
Personalized Information Search and Retrieval through a Desktop Application 22-Dec-2016
Online Learning Environments: What Early Childhood Teacher Education Students Say 22-Dec-2016
The Interpersonal Challenges of Instructional Leadership: Principals’ Effectiveness in Conversations About Performance Issues 22-Dec-2016
Individual correlates of organizational commitment and intention to leave the organization 21-Dec-2016
In Search of Sustainability: Constructability Application and Contract Management in Malaysian Industrialized Building Systems 21-Dec-2016
E-Readiness for Industrialised Building System (IBS) Components Management: Exploratory Study In Malaysian Construction Projects 21-Dec-2016

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