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SPSS 15 made simple
Posted on 12 August 2011 by Faridah Jumaatud-din (Librarian)

  • Author(s): Paul R. Kinnear, Colin D. Gray
    Publisher: Psychology Press
    ISBN: 9781841696867

    SPSS 15 Made Simpleis the latest edition of one of the most widely read textbooks in its field. As usual, every effort has been made to maintain the friendly, practical and informal style of earlier editions, while at the same time, the content has been updated to meet the changing needs of the readers. As always, each technique is presented in a realistic research context and is illustrated with screen snapshots of SPSS dialog boxes and output. There is also guidance on the choice of statistical techniques and advice on how to report the results of statistical tests. In recent years, coverage has been expanded to include informal introductions to such topics as logistic regression, analysis of covariance, partial correlation, multivariate analysis of variance and Cohen's kappa. In this edition, the treatment of analysis of variance has been expanded to include coding systems for contrasts (such as dummy coding) and trend analysis. In the chapter on regression, dummy coding is used to demonstrate the equivalence of ANOVA and regression techniques.

    There is now advice on the analysis of multiple response data. There is also extensive consideration of the significant improvements offered by the new graphics and data-handling facilities in SPSS 15. While being updated and expanded to cover these new features, the book will continue to be useful to readers with earlier versions of SPSS.

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