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Doing research in cultural studies : an introduction to classical and new methodological approaches
Posted on 29 November 2011 by Faridah Jumaatud-din (Librarian)

  • Author(s): Paula Saukko
    Publisher: Thousand Oaks, Calif.
    ISBN: 9780761965053

    `This book is a goldmine for is brilliantly conceptualized and brilliantly executed. With this book cultural studies finally comes of age methodologicallyÔÇ▓ - Professor Norman K Denzin, Institute of Communications Research, University of Illinois

    Doing Research in Cultural Studies outlines the key methodological approaches to the study of lived experience, texts and social contexts within the field of cultural studies. It offers a comprehensive discussion of classical methodologies and introduces the reader to more contemporary debates that have argued for new ethnographic, poststructuralist and multi-scape research methods. Through a detailed yet concise explanation, the reader is shown how these methodologies work and how their outcomes may be interpreted.

    Key features of the book include:

    - An innovative framework - combining different methodologies and approaches.

    - A variety of `real-lifeÔÇ▓ examples and case studies - enriches the book for the reader

    - A set of practical exercises in each chapter - pedagogical and student-focused throughout.

    The book has a flowing narrative and student-friendly structure which make it accessible to and popular with students, while the discussion of fresh approaches makes it also of interest to experienced researchers. It contains all the ingredients necessary to help the reader attain a solid grasp of analytical and practical challenges to doing effective research in cultural studies today.

    [Summary from Syndetic Solutions]

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