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Dear patrons

To assist your studies the Library provides book postage service to remote students all over Malaysia. This is a unique service offered to OUM Students in Malaysia. The Library strives to meet all of your study needs. Intra-Library loan enables students outside of Klang Valley to get Materials from the Library. We will send any books requested to your nearest Learning Centre. However, this service is not extended to novels or any other recreational reading materials.

You may find out more information on this here.

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Dear Patrons

Initial loan period is 30 days, but, assuming your books are not reserved, they can be renewed one time without returning them to the library. You may use our self-renewal service to extend your loan period.

How Do I renew my Books?
Patrons with books currently on loan may use the library self-renewal service by clicking the Loan Information on the left sidebar or access Patron Activity tab from user account page.

The Loan Information Block
Patron Activity Tab

Clicking any of these links will take you to Patron Activity Page where you may view

  • books currently on loan
  • books on due and
  • loan History

Book which is renewable will have check-box next to it while books that have been requested will be read as Non-renewable Item. (Please view the image below). The Process is straightforward and simple. Just tick any books that are to be renewed and click renew.

Patron Activity Page

Done. It is just Simple as that.

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This post is old and has expired and is no longer active. This page is kept for historical purposes only.

Dear Patron

The Library is now undergoing renovation from 20-JUN-2012 - 20-AUGUST. All services are operating as usual. We are sorry for any inconvenience to students and visitors.

The Library Management

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Dear Patrons

The Library has new search function to enhance your search experience. This new search function will let you explore our collection by applying multiple filters on the fly, without redoing the entire search process. Let us introduce you to the new OUM Digital Library Faceted Search.

Go ahead and try our Faceted Search



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Dear Patrons

We have enabled the Ask a Librarian widget to allow seamless communication between you and our Reference Librarian, En. Muhamad Hafiz. The widget will allow you to ask questions directly to En. Muhamad Hafiz. Should the widget appear offline, you can still leave a message of which En. Hafiz will attend to your enquiries as soon as possible if not tomorrow. You may find this widget on the Right Sidebar of the Portal.


The Library Management

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