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Dear Valued Patron

UniSearch┬« is a new customised searching experience based on the EBSCOhost interface you already know. UniSearch┬« allows you to search all of the library’s electronic resources simultaneously and provides you with current availability information on library catalogue items. Results from any electronic resource can be saved to your personal My EBSCOhost folder, and your saved Preferences are available using UniSearch┬« (EBSCOhost Discovery Service).

With UniSearch┬«, you can:

  • Find everything you need for researching in one place
  • Get convenient access to all of the libraryÔÇÖs full-text content
  • A rapid return of comprehensive, relevant search results

For more information, see a librarian or start using UniSearch┬« now!

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Dear Patrons

The Library has new search function to enhance your search experience. This new search function will let you explore our collection by applying multiple filters on the fly, without redoing the entire search process. Let us introduce you to the new OUM Digital Library Faceted Search.

Go ahead and try our Faceted Search



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Dear Valued Patrons

Did you know that you can browse by Title for all databases available in the Library? Please view our Browse Database List page to find out more.

Browse Database List will also include Open Access Resources.

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Dear Patrons

We have enabled new search function to help you locating library resources, printed and electronic as well as Past Year Examination Papers.

Please select any tabs to search correspondence items. E-Books tab will return only E-Books and so on. We do hope that this new search function will help you to locate books or any other library resources in a much friendlier manner.

The Library Management

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