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Assessing academic performance between traditional and distance education course formats
Posted on 13 October 2012 by Shahril Effendi Bin Ibrahim (Senior Librarian)
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Urtel, Mark G
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ournal of Educational Technology & Society
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The goal of this study was to explore whether differences in student academic indicators exist between taking a course face-to-face (F2F) and taking a course via distance education (DE). Three hundred and eighty five students were enrolled in a course offered, both, as F2F (n = 116) and as DE (n = 269). Course content, instructor, textbook adopted, and assessment methods were consistent between the two course delivery formats. Final grades, DFW rates, and end of term course and instructor evaluations were used as the outcome indicators. In addition, student demographic information was factored into data analyses. Results indicated that there was a statistically significant difference in final grade, DFW rates, and end of term course evaluation response rates between the course offerings. Further analysis suggested that freshman grade performance was significantly different between course offerings. Implications and policy suggestions regarding distance education will be discussed. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

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