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Online assessment and measurement : case studies from higher education, K-12, and corporate
Posted on 13 October 2012 by Shahril Effendi Bin Ibrahim (Senior Librarian)
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Scott L. Howell (Ed.)
Mary Hricko (Ed.)
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Information Science Pub

This book is available in printed format at OUM Digital Library.

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    The future of online assessment and measurement is in the hands of the early adopters and hardy pioneers who are determined to overcome the challenges and help push forward and out the learning and assessment paradigm. Each of these pioneers knows that teaching, training, operational, learning, and assessment advances can only be realized when online assessment and measurement is better understood. ""Online Assessment and Measurement: Case Studies from Higher Education, K-12 and Corporate"" features a number of case studies detailing online applications and uses of assessment and measurement methodologies, systems, and practices across three broad educational or training areas: elementary and secondary (K - 12), higher education, and corporate. The pioneers' stories of migrating from old and introducing new assessments to the online environment have been challenging, exhilarating and rewarding. [Summary from Syndetic Solutions]

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