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Mobile learning in review: Opportunities and challenges for learners, teachers, and institutions
Posted on 15 June 2016 by Muhamad Hafiz Bin Morad (Senior Librarian)
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Rachel Cobcroft, Stephen Towers, Judith Smith & Axel Bruns
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Opportunities and challenges are emerging for learners, teachers and institutions from the increasing availability of low-cost mobile and wireless devices and associated infrastructure. In order to ascertain the current state of knowledge and research, an extensive review and synthesis of the literature in mobile learning has been undertaken to identify and harness potential factors and gaps in implementation. This paper presents the findings of this review. It seeks to facilitate the inquiry into ‘What is possible in m-learning?’ and ‘Why is it necessary to pursue these possibilities?’ A central theme is identified as the need to develop overarching principles and realistic visions for m-learning approaches, moving beyond specific implementations and branded technologies to examine global trends. This paper advocates the development of a best-practice framework to guide future action and thinking
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