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Development of an interactive learning management system for Malaysian distance learning institutions
Posted on 06 October 2013 by Shahril Effendi Bin Ibrahim (Senior Librarian)
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Ibrahim Almarashdeh
Nur Fazidah Elias
Noraidah Sahari
Nor Azan Mat Zain
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Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research
IDOSI Publications
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Several types of learning management systems (LMSs) are used in distance learning courses to facilitate the learning process by delivering the course content and opening new paths of communication between instructors and learners. The LMSs used in most institutions have generally been developed based on e-learning requirements or for training purposes but not based on the user needs of distance learners. User needs change as technology developments, but not all LMSs are suitable for all users and all environments because of the differences in users’ needs and the varying functionalities and features of LMSs. Thus, there is a need for more system enhancements and a better understanding of the requirements that must be met to satisfy user needs. The prototype proposed in this paper is called the DLMS because it is an LMS based on the needs of the distance learning institution. This paper discusses a structural model for the DLMS stakeholders (administrators, instructors and students) in the DLMS process and features are designed that are considered important for the DLMS user, such as a Short Message Service (SMS) and plagiarism detection. Finally, a heuristic evaluation was used to evaluate the prototype. The usability of the DLMS was tested by six participants who reported having a good experience with the prototype. From the evaluation results obtained, it is obvious that the DLMS is usable and suitable for delivering, measuring and managing the distance learning process for academic staff, technicians and students. A prototype was constructed to provide distance learning users a usable and effective DLMS and to illustrate to developers how to build future DLMSs. (Abstract by authors)
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