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Primary School Pupils' Views of Characteristics of Good Primary School Teachers: an Exploratory, Open Approach for Investigating Pupils' Perceptions
Posted on 03 January 2017 by Azlinda Abd Rahim (Library Manager)

This article reports on results of a study on pupils' perceptions on teacher quality in primary education. Pupils' perceptions of desired characteristics of good teachers in primary education were compared to results of research into teacher quality from different perspectives: (1) perception studies of ideal teaching-and-learning environments; (2) school effectiveness studies of desired teacher behaviour; (3) teachers' professional knowledge; and (4) teachers' professional identity. Pupils' perceptions were investigated by having them complete an open teacher-spider questionnaire, in which they reported important characteristics for good teachers. The results showed that the perceptions of pupils about teacher quality were extensive. In total, 143 different characteristics in 11 varying categories were reported. The emphasis was on the personality of the teachers (fitting both the professional identity perspective on teacher quality and the results of perception studies). Second and third, didactic skills and guidance, and authority were often mentioned. Small differences were found for pupils who were taught by male teachers and pupils who were taught by female teachers. There were also differences found between preferences of younger and older pupils.

Keywords: teacher quality; teacher characteristics; students' perceptions; primary school teachers

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