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Pembinaan Ayat Bahasa Arab Dalam Kalangan Lepasan Sekolah
Posted on 06 June 2016 by Practical1 ()

Teaching of Arabic in Islamic religious schools in Malaysia starts since form one. The subject is divided into four skills. Writing skill is viewed as an important skill for students to master in order to answer exam questions. The current issue regarding students and their writing abilities are their inability to construct sentences properly.
Hence, the purpose of this study is to investigate students’ capability in building/
constructing sentences through word arrangement, sentence extension and essay
writing. To obtain the data, a set of questionnaires consisting of three parts were
distributed to 200 secondary school leavers who are pursuing their studies at Islamic Science University of Malaysia. The result of this study shows that the students’ level of capability in word arrangement is good. Their sentence constructions are generally acceptable. However, students are weak in essay writing.

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