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Searching for Sample of Exam Questions

 Please follow this guide to locate & retrieve sample of exam papers.


1. From myVLE, click the LIBRARY icon on the menu bar to go to the Library portal.


2. Click the “Search Library” button on the Library left side-bar. 


3. In the search form, there are tabs you may select to categorise your search process. To search for past year question papers, make sure tab named “Exam Papers” is selected.



4. Key in the Subject Code of the required paper at Search Term column and click at ‘Find’ button

 5. The title of the exam paper will appear. Click at the title to open the papers.

6. List of the required papers will be listed. Click at particular sample to open the paper.


7. SAVE the paper into your computer. In order to open the paper, you have to ensure that you have saved the particular file(s).

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